Looking for a financial partner

I’m developing a very cool Web and Mobile project, and I’m looking for a financial partner to share the project copyright and royalties.

If you know a company that may be interessed please notify me.

Please share this message.

UK and iOS Development are the best

I’m developing an iOS App for a UK financial institute, only for UK financial professionals.

So, what can I say about the UK. They are always at the TOP of the mobile development, in Europe they have the right market for mobile.

UK is the best …

“Green Value” – I just had an epiphany, how to help reduce our footprint.


The “Green Value” will be a “Go Green” community (web portal). through this portal all the registered users will have access to various “Go Green” services.

“Green Mobility” service:
The “Green Mobility” can be a regular cab, a mono-volume, a bus or a limousine. Any type of transportation resource, that can be shared by multiple users.

Now, picture this:
All “Green Mobility” vehicles, collecting some special wastes, such as, old batteries, medication… Then drop them on special places to be handled by specialized entities.

How does it work?
The user does the register on the portal, and indicates which is the pick address and destination address, immediately will be presented to the user the various groups of people who share the same route, so the user can choose one of the groups.

In other hand, the transportation providers will be notified of the existence of more users, in order to adapt the route and resources required to perform the transportation.

Now imagine this. The user do not be worried if it will find a place to park your car.
The amount to pay will be smaller, because vehicle will be shared by many users of the service and a single monthly bill.

The transportation providers can manage all the resources in a more efficient way, and have a fixed routes and customers.
Today a cab, tomorrow maybe a bus, who knows.

This service will reduce significantly the number of vehicles entering the major cities, and may also contribute in a positive way to information exchange between different kind of people.