Other Features

Global Settings
  • Ability to configure all users at once, by setting the user “All Users”;
  • Copying settings between users;
  • Delete settings for the selected user;
  • Export and import user settings;
  • Exclude user (s) from the monitoring process.
Authentication and security
  • System Administrator authentication, using a password or by the user name of Microsoft Windows operating system;
  • Password defined by the administrator;
  • Dynamic data encryption, using a unique key per installation;
  • Assigning a unique Identification to each user and administrator.
Multiple languages support
  • Portuguese;
  • Spanish;
  • French;
  • English.
Email Notifications
  • Administrator email notifications, such as:
    • Unauthorized attempts to access to the administration console;
    • Attempts to visit blocked sites;
    • Attempts to search blocked words;
    • Attempts to run blocked programs or outside the allowed scheduled;
    • Attempts to use the computer outside the allowed time.
  • Centralized administration, maintenance and analysis.

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